Is the 1941 Disney movie"The Reluctant Dragon"based on a published story?

Answer "The Reluctant Dragon," the 1941 classic Disney film, uses a children's book by the same title as the jumping point for a movie that explores the animation process of early Disney films. Kenneth Gr... Read More »

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How long did Disney work on Toy Story?

Pixar, working in association with Walt Disney Studios, released Toy Story 1 in 1995. The process took more than nine years from inception to release. Pixar entered into an agreement with Walt Di... Read More »

Who wrote Disney& Pixar's"Toy Story"?

Director John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Joe Ranft wrote the original story for the 1995 Disney-Pixar film "Toy Story." Joel Cohen, Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton and Alec Sokolow wrote... Read More »

How long did Disney work on"Toy Story"?

Pixar began production on the ground-breaking classic film "Toy Story" in July of 1991. "Toy Story" is based on a previous Pixar short titled "Tin Toy," and is the first film to be created entirely... Read More »

Whats your favorite childhood movieThe one you watched over and over!?

My favorite childhood movie was "The last Unicorn" I swear I used to drive my mother crzy watching it over and over and over again!!!