Is the 1 nikkor vr 30-110mm lens compatible with nikon digital slr cameras?

Answer It's a server side error. Nothing you can do but potentially report it to Apple (or even better to the vendor).

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Does any nikon digital cameras work with E series lens?

What you will need to do is look on the arrow keys, there should be a flash symbol on the up key. Press it and the flash mode menu will come up. Use the arrow keys to highlight the flash symbol wit... Read More »

Will a vintage nikon nikkor pro 52 0 1a-50mm 1.8 camera lens fit a nikon d3100?

I think you are asking about a 50 mm f/1.8 lens.Unless the lens is an AF Nikkor, the meter in your entry level D3100 will not work.The more advanced Nikon D7000 can use manual focus Nikkor AI or AI... Read More »

Are the Nikkor lenses manufactured for the Nikon FM-2 Series compatible on a Nikon D40?

You don't say which product range (coolpix, DSLR, professional DSLR, industrial optics?)

Nikon's 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens with the Nikon D60?

.Take my comments below as someone who loves a good debate and certainly not an attack on anyones opinion. A difference of opinion yes an attack no. A good debate can only help us learn and help ... Read More »