Is that's a contraction?

Answer yes, that's is a contraction AKA that is. That's is also a possessive pronoun.

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Is there anything better than limewire [thats not to complicated] that u can download music & video thats free?

You better start using itunesotherwise you'll lose your internet…,2933,4700……

How to Get a Contraction Without ATP?

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) provides the primary energy to allow a voluntary skeletal muscle contraction. However, ATP is quickly depleted by rigorous activity. Lactic acid replaces ATP during int... Read More »

What is the contraction of is?

"Is" by itself does not have a contracted form.Is + not does have a contracted form: isn'tExamples:Dad is not here now.Dad isn't here now.

The contraction for she would?