This woman i know said that Doctor Oz said that even diet drinks have sugar in them?

Answer Diet drinks dont have sugar, they have a sugar substitute moat often aspertame... This is something you should do some research on as the opinions on this particular item vary largely. Some peopl... Read More »

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On facebook it said someone it said that someone had seen the message I sent them, but now its not.?

They saw it, just didn't reply fast enough.

Why mycomputer/properties said that i have a 768 MB but said i have a 1GB ?

your video card took the rest.right clcik my_computer and choose propertiesyou can usually change the shared amount of memory in the BIOS

What was the treaty that said that the US would aid any nation in resisting the growing threat of communism and became the guiding force of American foreign policy during the Cold War?

Are bodyguards available to accompany the victim after talk shows where the topic is abuse so that she can ensure that the abuser won't give her hell for what was said on the show?

Answer Talk shows aren't the best place to discuss your abuser. Some talk shows will provide you with a bodyguard while at the show and perhaps escorted back to where you are staying, but after th... Read More »