Is that right ... you shouldn't eat too much pineapple?

Answer Fresh pineapples contain a special protease and 5-hydroxyptamine. The latter makes blood vessels (especially those in the brain) shrink, and may cause headaches and a rise in blood pressure. That i... Read More »

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You know you shouldnt trust wikipedia right?

You just use it for the basic info not as a source you use the sources on the bottom of the page not the article that is where the bad inforamtion is.

What are food that u shouldnt have when u have diabetes?

How much are madinae(Dont know if spelled that right) tickets for a movie in las vegas ?

I assume you mean matinee for the afternoon and morning movies.It depends a lot on the theater.I think the IMAX at the Palms is still about $14 even matinee, but I have seen some theaters with $5 a... Read More »

How Much Water Do Pineapple Plants Require?

Pineapples are simple to grow given the right conditions, and luckily those right conditions are met by growing it indoors where temperatures are fairly constant and don't fall below freezing. Pine... Read More »