Is that place Panera bread, I think its called, good?

Answer I like it. Very good bagels of all different kinds. Sandwiches ok to but a little bit different (weird).

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Can't connect wiressley to internet on my laptop at home but CAN connect at PANERA BREAD wuts up with that?

it could be something very simple..perhaps your home page isn't a valid website anymore??or a website being entered is entered wrong?try going to and see if it works

How do I apply at panera bread?

Go into your local panera where you want to work and ask for the manager. Maybe call first and ask when the manager will be working so you know they will be there. Go in an talk to the manager an... Read More »

Should I work at Panera Bread or Red Lobster?

Both Panera Bread and Red Lobster are great places to work, especially if you are a teenager and needs work experience. Panera Bread does not demand you to take part in "intensive" labor, it is com... Read More »

Would blue-collar people feel comfortable in Panera (or ATL/STL Bread Co)?

Blue collar people feel just fine in Panera. We don't feel out of place and the help never talk down to us. Plus the soups and sanwiches are delicious. Of course they are majorly overpriced and ... Read More »