Is that ok a 3year old preschooler stutters?

Answer Your best source of information for stuttering is The Stuttering Foundation of America gives you tips of things to do at home to help as well as how to determine if it is j... Read More »

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How to Talk With a Person Who Stutters?

If you're feeling uncomfortable when talking to a person who stutters, imagine the feelings of the person stuttering if you're conveying frustration or worse. An estimated 3 million Americans stutt... Read More »

How do u treat Growing pains in 3year old kid?

Growing pain is not considered as a disease. Many children complain of leg pain usually in the evening. Massage of the legs using some pain balm may suffice. Just plain massage also gives relief. A... Read More »

Can you give me some examples of when you would need to use discipline with a 3year old child?

When your child continues not to listen to you when you ask them to stop doing what they are doing. When you repeatedly have to tell them to stop and they continue doing so and when they throw fits... Read More »

Can my boyfriend adopt my 3year old daughter if we're not married without the bio father consent?