What's a movie that you are so sure that you will hate forever?

Answer 2001: A Space Odyssey. I've got a lot of respect for Kubrick and Clarke but, darn, that movie is the most overrated, boring, and pretentious film I've ever seen in my life. Actually, maybe it's n... Read More »

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What was that programme in the 70s80s that was like Gentle Ben but the guy had a massive beard and was portly and always wore a checked shirt and I'm sure there was a bear?

I think that the TV series that you are referring to is The Adventures Of Grizzly Adams. You may or may not recall that several Made-For-TV Movies were spun-off from this TV series.

Are you sure you want to wear THAT?

You're right........ should I wear the black cape instead!?

How can i be sure that ebay is secure?

good questionyou may not have noticed but on each auction it shows the sellers profile name and ratingyou need to look at the rating (usually in the Top right corner of the bidding page) and see th... Read More »

Im pretty sure that Im hypoglycemic?

You should insist on having a Glucose Tolerance Test done. The OGTT is the test that will show if you are a diabetic or not. That is how they found out my wife was hypoglycemic.http://en.wikipedia.... Read More »