What is a round-trip flight?

Answer A round-trip flight is a flight that brings you to your destination and then includes a flight to return you to your original point of departure. Round-trip flights are often offered by airlines at... Read More »

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What is the average cost of a round trip flight to Germany?

Round trip flights from the US to Germany start at $600 and could cost up to $1,600. The cost of a round trip ticket will depend on your US point of departure, as well as the time of year you plan ... Read More »

What is the time that it would take for a round trip to the sun at half the speed of light?

The trip would take 33.2 minutes. On average, light takes approximately 8.3 minutes to reach Earth, and a round trip back to the Sun would take 16.6 minutes. A round trip at half the speed of light... Read More »

Round-Trip Cruises to Jamaica?

Vacationers looking to escape to the tropical island of Jamaica have a wide range of cruise options from which to choose. Several of the major cruise lines offer short and long round-trip cruises o... Read More »

What is the definition of a round trip?

The definition of a round trip is travel that begins and ends at the same destination, usually traveling over the same route. Round trip can also be used as an adjective, as in round-trip ticket.Re... Read More »