Why is the iphone not even an hd phone it does not even have 720p screen. why is that will it ever?

Answer It is so small and watched far away enough so that it would not matter.

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Why was it that the 2nd episode of Tin Man was on the 12th of May when it was said that it would be on the following Sunday which would have been the 18th? =3 You can also watch it on; but only if you can tolerate commericals....

I am diabetic,but does that mean that even a glass of coke a month would be dangerous?

Yes.When you are diabetic, you have too much sugar in your blood. You need SOME sugar to give your body the fuel to work, grow, and heal, but too much sugar DAMAGES your body.In your blood, the ti... Read More »

Do you even worry that you might run into someone in the street that you have annoyed on Yahoo! Answers?

i just take the blue cap off when I go out

Have you ever gone to a place that exclusively sells burgers and they couldn't even get that right?

Hahahaha - happens all the time. It's remarkable how many restaurants there are where they really can't cook. Sometimes their food is outright uneatable.