What is the wind speed of an African swallow?

Answer Some 38 species of swallow inhabit Africa, says A healthy European or barn swallow--common to many parts of Africa--can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour under ideal weather condi... Read More »

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What Type of Music Joins European & African Influences Together?

In the Americas, various music styles often have European and African music influences. This fact holds especially true in countries with a large population of African descendants such as Haiti, Ja... Read More »

Now that an African American is POTUS, will African Americans start tipping in Restaurants?

There are some idiots out there who live in a state of denial. The truth is that some blacks are bad tippers, and it is a cultural thing as suggested above (although not an imperative). This is not... Read More »

Is it true that if you swallow chewing gum that your arteries clog up?

NO NO NO it digests a bit slower that's all NO harm will come to you if you swallow it honest its an old wives tale about it clogging up and getting stuck in your body ........we have had this ques... Read More »

Detergents That Are Safe to Swallow?

Detergents are cleaning agents that improve the ability of water to penetrate fabric to break down dirt, grease and grime, similarly to soap. The difference is that detergents are derived from orga... Read More »