Is that Jeff Daniels in the direct tv commercial?

Answer Ganna Makeeva

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Was Jeff Daniels ever in the US military?

Neither the American actor nor the American author by that name ever served in the US Military, nor did Luke McDaniel, who used the name Jeff Daniels as a pseudonymn.

What is the direct tv commercial that had a guy watching tv and it had an Indian music video on it The guy on the video looks at the screen and says this show is terrible you should go with direct tv?

Who is the guy that did did the Direct TV Mas commercial?

The LNB does need to be from the company providing the service. The dish is only a reflector picking up the signal from the satellite to the LNB and then to the receiver. Ray Calo DISH Network t... Read More »

Is that Christie brinkley in the direct tv commercial?

Yes that is Christie she remade the scene recently(back n May).........not many women could get away with that........but that she is still so beautiuful that its makes it almost impossible to tell... Read More »