Is that Gap ad gone on your looks gone on mine...?

Answer I posted in the forums, and there was another person that posted, he had 135 remarks, what it looks like happened is yahoo doesn't allow audio ads, so they basically apologized and said it would be... Read More »

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Whats the best way to speed up my computerit is getting slow.?

if u are not sure how to clean al the rubbish file up,, then better download, some software that does it all,,,i wud recmmmend tuneup utilities,,this takes all the temp files, empties the space,, ... Read More »

How to Mine Red Dust in "Mine Craft"?

"Minecraft" is a computer game that combines elements of survival, action and customization. Players can actively reshape and add to their environment by mining through mountainsides and building h... Read More »

How to mine gravel on Mine craft?

PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sad in this body of mine:( HELP!?

I hope you succeed. But you have to eat healthy to do this. Stop eating sugars, or foods with sugar. Drink plenty of water, especially when you are exercising.Decrease the amount of carbohydrate... Read More »