Is thalassemia curable?

Answer On One Hand: Thalassemia is CurableThe only possible cure for people with thalassemia is a bone-marrow transplant or a stem-cell transplant (from umbilical cord blood), according to the March of Di... Read More »

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Can thalassemia cause an eye bleed?

On One Hand: Thalassemia Cannot Cause Eye BleedThalassemia is a disorder of the blood in which hemoglobin, a molecule that carries oxygen in the blood, is incorrectly formed. However, thalassemia d... Read More »

Can thalassemia cause a bleed?

On One Hand: Thalassemia Does Not Cause BleedingAlthough thalassemia is a disorder affecting the blood (specifically the formation of the oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin), this disease does not ... Read More »

What do you do if you love someone and both of you have the thalassemia minor trait?

%DETAILS% Answer I knew that I have this trait but loved a girl who was incidently found to be a carrier when she got prgnant after our marriage. Any we got a haematologist's cosult and on his pres... Read More »

If one parent has beta thalassemia what are the chances the baby will inherit the condition?

If one parent is a carrier then the baby has a 50% chance of being born a carrier as well, but the baby will be healthy as the gene is recessive.