Is Thailand in Southeast Asia?

Answer Thailand is one of the 10 countries that make up Southeast Asia. It borders Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. The other five countries of Southeast Asia are Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Singap... Read More »

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How to Buy a Car in Thailand?

Buying a car in Thailand can be tiresome or adventurous, given your status in the country. If you are an international, a different set of rules and regulations may apply to you. It may also be dif... Read More »

How to Act in Thailand?

Thailand, about half the size of Texas, sits in the tropics of Southeast Asia, and has humid warm weather that usually stays around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21.11 C). Buddhism is the state religion o... Read More »

How to Get Married in Thailand?

Maybe you like the food. Maybe you think the people, culture or scenery is/are nice. Maybe you've watched The Hangover Part 2 way too many times. Whatever your reason is, it's fine because you're g... Read More »

Is Koh Samui in Thailand?

Koh Samui, often simply referred to as Samui by locals, is the third largest island in Thailand, surpassed only by Phuket and Koh Chang. It is a tropical area, with several well-known beaches and m... Read More »