Is tethering as good as a laptop connect card?

Answer On One Hand: Cell Phone Tethering.Tethering is when a user connects his Wi-Fi-enabled smart phone to his computer. The connection is made either through Bluetooth or the computer's USB port. The co... Read More »

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How good is the tethering from iphone 3G to Laptop?

the new OS 4which got released recently this year

How to Connect a Laptop to a RS485 Serial Laptop Adapter Card?

RS485 is a serial connection standard no longer used on laptop computers (or desktops, by that matter). However, older hardware you may still use runs off of an RS-485 serial connection, so if you ... Read More »

How do I connect a laptop air card?

USB or PC cardPurchase an air card with network service from a provider such as Sprint or Nextel. Most newer air cards use a USB connection. Plug the air card directly into a USB port on your compu... Read More »

What Is a Laptop Connect Card?

A laptop connectivity card allows you to receive Internet access from your laptop. Laptop connect cards are available from a variety of Internet vendors, states TechRepublic, a site offering techno... Read More »