Is testicular cancer curable?

Answer Like a fire in a forest, any cancer may spread out of control, yet some cancers loom less pernicious than others. Among the most susceptible to treatment is cancer of the testes.CurabilityTesticula... Read More »

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Testicular cancer at 15?

I'm no doctor but I would go to one asap just to be sure

Testicular cancer help?

Most health care facilities have funds or grants set up to help people that are in your situation. Ask the billing department for help. The American cancer society website also has links to financi... Read More »

Do men die from testicular cancer?

In the United States, the rate of testicular cancer has been growing. In 2009, approximately 8,400 new testicular cancer diagnoses will be made and 380 men will die of the disease, according to the... Read More »


It is a lump.This is not a testicular cancer scare it is you scaring yourself. Tell your mom she will know if you need a doctor.