Is test 600x a good steroid to take?

Answer The BEST Steroid if you MUST have /utilize Steroid is 'Testostro Grow HP2' is AMAZING! EXCEPTIONAL! It is all Natural and it works Superbly! Take only for 21-days and you MUST STOP!!! MUST! Wa... Read More »

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What states test for steroid use in high school?

The states in which testing for steroids is absolutely mandatory are, New Jersey, Texas and Florida .

Is it safe to take steroid while pregnant?

Yes, absolutely! Docolax is safe and soft on the sensitive tummy!

Is taking Anvar (Steroid) a good Decision?

If you're getting tested for it, don't bother. Try winstrol, its better for that stuff

Diabetics on insulin and oral steroid use: How long did it take after ending the steroids for your...?

I am on chronic oral steroids and have to sometimes go crazy high on the steroid dose just to keep everything else working which makes the management of my diabetes much harder. I am also on a pump... Read More »