Is down for good?

Answer I know a mod, and the site isn't available for him, nor anyone else. No notice has been given, and everyone is in the same boat as far as knowing.No one has been banned, no one has been blocked. It... Read More »

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Is 130/95 a good sign of the blood pressure going down?

Hypertension is a silent killer. It is both preventable and treatable.Your blood pressure has been reduced from stage 2 hypertension (moderate) to stage 1 hypertension (mild).Please check the funct... Read More »

Any good treatments for psoriasis Feeling down..wanna die?

I used to breakout in acne due to oily skin myself. Genetic and Stress can affect hormones and can theoretically promote acne. Here are some home remedies that can help but do not mix them together... Read More »

How to Look Good in a White Button-Down Sweater?

Button down sweaters, otherwise known as cardigans, have been wardrobe staples for many years. A white button down sweater adds a crisp, warming touch to your overall look. If you don't wear your w... Read More »

Why is it a good idea to shut down your computer for the night?

One reason to shut down your computer is to save electricity. If everyone shuts down their computer, then less energy is used, thus natural resources last longer. When you shut down your computer, ... Read More »