Is technology helping or distoying human kind?

Answer Interesting question, but wrong ForumTry Social sciences, or the environment-related forumsIs the knife a weapon or a tool? Both. It is the people that are responsible on how they use technology.

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How are the nuclear missiles being protected in Pakistan are other countries helping is the US helping like you helped guard Pershing missile the in Germany?

What kind of technology did they have in the 1950's?

In the 1956, television brought the moving picture into people's homes. The uptake of television was enthusiastic and by the end of the decade it was estimated that over two-thirds of families in S... Read More »

What Kind of Technology Does a Medical Lab Technician Use?

Medical lab technicians analyze bodily fluids and cells to test them for bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms. They also match blood for transfusions, count cells and search for abnormal ce... Read More »

What kind of media is required to store on blu-ray technology?

According to the manufacturers an everyday word can not be trademarked.