Is tea tree oil safe to use in a bath if you are pregnant?

Answer As a precaution, all medications, supplements, and herbs (including essential oils) should be approved by your physician or midwife throughout your pregnancy and into breast feeding. That being sa... Read More »

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Is it safe to take a hot bath while pregnant?

Is tea tree oil safe to use while pregnant?

Currently, there is limited clinical information on tea tree oil to deem it safe for use during pregnancy, making this product a potential risk to mother or fetus. According to MedlinePlus, reports... Read More »

Is It Safe to Use Bath Oil in a Jacuzzi?

It is safe to use bath oil in a Jacuzzi, but you need to clean the tub afterward to prevent the oil from clogging the tub’s plumbing and jets. Bath oils left in the Jacuzzi can also cause the acr... Read More »

If you have a 6 month old baby - had gestational diabetes with that pregnancy - and just found out that you are pregnant again is it safe to stay pregnant?

Yes, it is. You may be considered high risk by some care providers, because of the previous GD but otherwise, you should be fine. We usually encourage people to wait at least one year after a vagin... Read More »