Is tea tree oil safe to put into a dog's ears?

Answer On One Hand: Tea Tree Oil Is Safe For A Dog's EarsTea tree oil has natural healing properties that are especially useful for reducing inflammation while at the same time treating bacterial, fungal ... Read More »

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Are Pig Ears Safe for Dogs?

On One Hand: Pig Ears Are an All-Natural TreatPrepared correctly, pig ears are a fairly healthy treat for dogs. Most are all natural and do not contain preservatives or artificial flavors. Pig ears... Read More »

Is tea tree oil safe for dogs?

On One Hand: Tea Tree Is Safe for DogsYou can use tea tree oil on dogs. In fact, it has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so you can give it for a variety of skin conditions. You can... Read More »

Are pig ears good for dogs to eat?

On One Hand: Pig Ears Can Be UsefulPig ears are popular dog treats. Dogs need to chew on bones or similar items to help keep their teeth clean. Pig ears work well for this. They are also useful in ... Read More »

Stinky Ears in Dogs?

Stinky or sickly sweet smelling ears in dogs should not be ignored. Normal, healthy dog ears do not have an odor. If a dog's ears begin to stink, it is a sign of an infection or infestation of ear ... Read More »