Is tea tree oil good for your face?

Answer On One Hand: Treatment Against Certain Types of BacteriaDoctors note that tea tree oil is used as a natural antiseptic used for cuts, burns, insect bites, fungal infections and acne. Some doctors w... Read More »

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Does tea tree oil dry your face?

On One Hand: For Oily SkinTea tree oil elevates some bacteria, and it reduces oiliness of the skin. Some people with oily skin have made their skin condition more manageable by using tea tree oil. ... Read More »

Good products for your face that will make your pores smaller, less acne, and even toned?

this will probably sound weird, but i swear by it: egg yolk. it is cheap and it moisturizes, tones and reduces pore size. i do this about 2 times a week and never use anything else. you apply it to... Read More »

What is a good moisturizer for your face?

On One Hand: Moisturizers Should Meet Basic NeedsAll facial skin requires moisture and sun protection. Sebaceous glands in the dermis produce hydrating sebum oil. But sometimes they produce too lit... Read More »

Is it Good to Put Himalayan Salt on Your Face?

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