Is tea tree oil flammable?

Answer Tea tree oil is flammable. The flash point of tea tree oil is 122 degrees F. Exercise caution when using tea tree oil in the presence of open flame, heat or sparks. In the case of fire, it is safe ... Read More »

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Is ink flammable?

Whether or not ink is flammable depends on the type. Printing ink and heatset ink, for example, are flammable. Most of the inks we use commonly, such as the ink in most pens, are not flammable, b... Read More »

Is Styrofoam flammable?

Styrofoam is made from a plastic called polystyrene. Polystyrene is made from petroleum and is highly flammable. Burning Styrofoam produces a toxic gas called styrene which can have an effect on th... Read More »

Is nitrogen gas flammable?

Nitrogen gas (also written as N2) makes up more than 70 percent of the air we breathe every day. It is not a flammable substance in its pure state. However, nitrogen gas can form compounds with oth... Read More »

Is Clorox flammable?

Clorox is not flammable. It is made up of 90 percent water. It is also safe for septic systems because it breaks down and turns into mostly water and salt. You should replace bottles of Clorox that... Read More »