Is tea acidic or alkaline?

Answer Tea is an acidic drink characterized in the low acidity category, close to the neutral category. Tea affects the body's pH (potential hydrogen) levels by lowering the levels under neutral once meta... Read More »

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How to Mix Alkaline & Acidic Foods?

The idea behind the correct mixing of alkaline and acidic foods or what is sometimes referred to as "food combining," is to optimize the way in which the body digests food and ensure that the body ... Read More »

Is sulfur acidic or alkaline?

Sulfur is acidic, and scientists often use it to help lower the pH of some chemical compounds. The pH scale measures acidity on a scale of 1.0 to 10.5; the lower the pH of a substance, the more aci... Read More »

Is rice acidic or alkaline?

White rice has a moderately acidic pH level. Alternatively, brown rice is slightly less acidic than white, while wild rice is actually a mildly alkaline food. Processed rice syrup is a moderately a... Read More »

Is milk acidic or alkaline?

Milk is an acidic substance, with a pH of 6.7. Substances with a pH of less than 7 are acidic. Milk is comprised of approximately 87 percent water, with the rest of its chemical concentration consi... Read More »