Is taping conversations illegal?

Answer Taping conversations sometimes is illegal. Federal law allows you to record a phone conversation or other communication as long as at least one person in the conversation knows it is being recorded... Read More »

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How to Bid on a Drywall Taping Job?

Learning how to bid on a drywall taping job is an important part of having an independent business. It has to be presented properly for the potential customer to consider the bid. If accepted, inco... Read More »

How to Attend a TV Show Taping (USA)?

Many TV programs and talk shows offer free or inexpensive tickets to be a member of their live audience.Sitting in for the taping of a live television program can be an exciting and unforgettable e... Read More »

Does taping windows help in a hurricane?

Taping windows is not an adequate solution to prepare your home for a hurricane. Tape will not reinforce a window against hurricane-force winds and will not prevent glass shards from entering the r... Read More »

Do you recommend taping my wrist?

No, not until you injure your good wrist. Then, it'd be a good idea, but if you tape it now, you'lla.) look ridiculousb.) bomb your soccer gamec.) put yourself to an even bigger chance of hurting y... Read More »