Is taking a laxative and a sleep aid together, okay?

Answer Only if you want brown sheets in the morning.

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Is it okay to take a laxative before sleep?

Go to bed. They are not strong enough to cause you to have a bowel movement without waking up prior to the event.

Is it normal to get a stomach ache after taking a laxative?

It's probably that the laxative will be kicking in soon. You could take some laxatives over the counter that are more gentle on the stomach. You may feel better after you have had a bowel movemen... Read More »

Is it okay for two brothers to masturbate together?

Many people prefer privacy, but it is a personal choice.

Is it okay if i take these medicines together?

As Tums helped you there is no need to take Zicam as well as most prescription medication has side effects. In most or all cases Tums has no side effects.