Is swiss miss the best kind of Hot Chocolate?

Answer Nope! It really isn't. Nestle is da bomb

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How much caffeine is in Swiss Miss hot chocolate?

Swiss Miss hot chocolate drinks are made by the Conagra Foods company, and the caffeine content varies, according to which drink you choose. In the standard one-packet serving, the milk chocolate v... Read More »

Who makes Swiss Miss cocoa?

ConAgra Foods, Inc. produces Swiss Miss cocoa. The company's headquarters are located in Omaha, Nebraska. Its sales force operates out of Boston, Mass.; Bentonville, Ark.; Pleasanton, Calif.; and C... Read More »

Is there caffeine in Swiss Miss hot cocoa?

Original Swiss Miss hot chocolate does not contain added caffeine. It may have a very low amount from the chocolate used, but it is such a low amount it is not even included on the ingredients. Swi... Read More »

What company manufactures Swiss Miss hot cocoa?

ConAgra Foods manufactures Swiss Miss hot cocoa. ConAgra makes a line of hot cocoa that includes fat-free hot cocoa, French vanilla hot cocoa, regular milk chocolate hot cocoa and certain varieties... Read More »