Is swimming underwater while pregnant harmful to baby in third trimester?

Answer They generally recommend not holding your breath for a long period of time because when you don't breathe you also deprive your baby of oxygen, which is most of the reason why smoking is bad during... Read More »

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Is sniffing nail polish remover while pregnant harmful to the baby?

Can you harm your baby by swimming while pregnant?

No, you cannot hurt your child by swimming. You may not want to enter the Olympics and train super hard, but a leisurely swim is just fine. In fact, your sore back and body will appreciate the rela... Read More »

Is it really harmful for the baby to smoke only one cigarette a day while being pregnant?

Here's the reality...What goes into "your body" goes into the "baby's body," because right now it is getting all it's food and oxygen from "your body" via the placenta, so whatever gets into "your ... Read More »

Why do pregnant women die of swine flu mostly in their third trimester?

Likely because that is the time during gestation when their bodies are already under higher stress from the pregnancy demands. This makes any other "big projects", like fighting infections more str... Read More »