Is swelling in the lower back common in later stage of pregnancy?

Answer Answer No, swelling of the low back is not normal, although muscle spasms and low back pain are a common side effect of pregnancy.

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Is lower back pain or stiffness common in early pregnancy?

Answer It's not just common, it's practically a requirement! But it'll be worse pretty soon from carrying all that extra weight in front of you.Good luck! Answer Yes, it is quite common. And, unfor... Read More »

Are lower back pain and frequent urination common early symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, but they are also symptoms of a urinary tract infection.You might of course be pregnant AND have a UTI.take tests for both.

Lower abdominal pains and lower back cramping - signs of early pregnancy?

Can lower back pain and lower stomach pains be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It depends on what the lower stomache pains feel like. If it is a crampy type pain, then yes, this can be a symptom of pregnancy ,as is lower back pain.Within the first 20 weeks.