Is sweet basil and basil the same?

Answer There are several different varieties of basil. The one usually used in Italian cuisine is sweet basil. Holy basil and lemon basil are different (but closely related) species, and Thai basil is the... Read More »

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My Sweet Basil Is Growing Brown?

Basil is a flavorful, leafy herb often used in soups, salads and sauces. This herb is simple to grow and easily adapts to life in the ground or in a container. Like all other plants, basil is susce... Read More »

Sweet Basil Plant Information?

It's not surprising that basil is known as king of the herbs. Its complex flavor and refreshing aroma have made sweet basil a favorite in cuisines from around the world. Basil's name is believed to... Read More »

Where does sweet basil grow?

while there are those who just use effort (elbow grease) to clean dishes there are those who use a machine to clean the dishesWhat works in dish washing liquid is a stuff that lifts and removes wha... Read More »

What type of plant is sweet basil?

Sweet Basil is called a runner, because the steam is low to the ground and it is short. There for called a runner plant.