Is swallowing semen safe for pregnancy?

Answer If I understand your question correctly, no you will not become pregnant by swallowing semen. If you mean is it safe to swallow semen while you are pregnant, then yes it is very good for you. Asi... Read More »

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Can you get HIV by swallowing semen?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV spreads through bodily fluids. As semen can contain the virus, swallowing it puts an individual at a high risk of contracting HIV.So... Read More »

Is swallowing semen bad if you are pregnant?

Answer If your partner is healthy and free from Sexually Transmitted Disease, and you are in a monogomous relationship there should be no risk to swallowing sperm whether pregnant or not.

Can you get aids from swallowing semen?

On One Hand: A Clear DangerIt is possible to develop AIDS by swallowing semen. The virus leading to AIDS, called HIV, can be transmitted through semen, according to the Centers for Disease Control.... Read More »

What are the chances of pregnancy if on the pill and a lot of semen gets in you?

Answer Very low if you take the pill regulary. The amount of semen does not really affect it. Usually after sex the semen will drip out, but there is always a chance.