Is swallowing *** good for you?

Answer No. It is detrimental to your health.Swallowing semen can cause stomach upset as it contains enzymes that interact with mucous membranes. These enzymes help to facilitate successful fertilisation... Read More »

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Swallowing Problems for a Cat?

Despite their bossy attitude, cats can still be very endearing and delightful to have in a household; however, sickness or health problems can bring the owner--as well as the animal--anxiety and ap... Read More »

Why is swallowing toothpaste bad?

because, some toothpaste has chemicals that makes you tummy upset,but if its childern toothpaste its okay if swallowed.. just not alot! :3

Is swallowing bubble gum bad for you?

your told at school that its bad for you and you should never swallow bubble gum but in fact is not. school say that because bubble gum is a choking hazard :) i hope that helps

Can you get HIV by swallowing semen?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV spreads through bodily fluids. As semen can contain the virus, swallowing it puts an individual at a high risk of contracting HIV.So... Read More »