Is sushi chinese or japanese?

Answer Japanese since the beginning and until the end of time

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Why do Chinese in my city open japanese restaurants whereas they are not Japanese and don't know their culture?

Japanese food is good, and since there are not many Japanese people around to open up Japanese restaurants, Chinese people step up to the plate.Also, Japanese people aren't as flashy as Chinese peo... Read More »

Japanese sushi .... !!?

Whats wrong with that. A japanese couple starting a sushi restaurant and should be authentic since sushi is a Japanese food. Like chinese couple starting a chinese restaurant. In fact whats wrong w... Read More »

What does sushi mean in Japanese?

Sushi refers to a variety of food preparations made with sweet, vinegared rice used in the popular Japanese food, with "su" meaning "vinegar" and "shi" meaning "rice." In Japan, sushi is known as "... Read More »

Please give me a recipe for the best Japanese sushi?

Ok..there is a little secret to sushi that the Japanese chefs won't let on... It's called sweet sushi vinegar. After you have cooked your rice and spread it out on a tray to cool, they sprinkle (ve... Read More »