Is "surround sound" better then "stereo" with headphones?

Answer It depends on a number of factors.1 the RoomIf you have a large open room surround sound is very difficult to make work well.2 the quality A pair of Grado headphones will blow away a terrible bose,... Read More »

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What's better surround sound headphones or actual surround sound speakers?

Depends on how much you have to spend. $300 or under it is probably best to get the headphones since you can get a damn nice set of headphones, but barely anything passable for a home theater.If yo... Read More »

Do surround sound headphones actually produce surround sound?

No, it will be stereo since it still has two speakers. they should call it suedo surround headphones

What would cause the power light on the headphones to flash and there to be a ticking sound in your MDR-RF970R Sony wireless stereo headphones?

Sure they can. When you are thinking about replacing them ask yourself some basic questions about the style, weight, cost and what you are wanting them for.check this out for more info.... http://h... Read More »

My Sony wireless stereo headphones mdr-rf970r power light on the headphones is flashing and there is a constant ticking sound?

The rechargable cells are low on power. Charge them back up and all will be well... UNLESS.... they are at the end of their life cycle (been charged to the max) and then it is a bit of a hassle to ... Read More »