Is surrogate motherhood a better alternative to adoption?

Answer I think so, however it is totally a personal preference. I would prefer to have my own biological child if at all possible.

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In adoption, who benefits from Motherhood becoming a competitive event.?

Women since the dawn of time have been at war with other women....mostly in competition for men..then secondly for children. Women are their own worst enemies...and that's just the way any patriarc... Read More »

What is the difference between a surrogate mother and adoption?

with a surrogate mother two people can have their own sperm and egg mixed together and then implanted in the surrogate, who carries the baby until it is born, then gives it to the parents. in adopt... Read More »

Illinois does not allow for surrogate child birth as it would impact on the Adoption Act as handed down in the court decision In Re Baby Richard - Is it true?

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