Is surgery the best treatment for trigger thumb?

Answer On One Hand: Surgery May be a Good OptionSurgery on the affected tendon may be the best treatment option for trigger thumb. Yet, this is only true in the event that other treatments have failed to ... Read More »

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Are thumb trigger or finger trigger archery releases better?

On One Hand: Thumb Releases are SteadierA thumb release is the most common kind and always offers a steady release, while a finger release is much more touchy. If a shooter using a finger release g... Read More »

What is the best treatment for osteoporosis for gastric bypass surgery patients?

Gastric bypass, or bariatric, surgery is performed on morbidly obese people to reduce the risk of diseases associated with obesity. During gastric bypass surgery, parts of the stomach and small int... Read More »

Torn ligament in thumb and surgery!! help pics inlcuded?

Hi,Since the casts and physio therapy has not brought you any relief why not try a stem cell therapy for your thumb. It is a treatment method discovered recently for orthopedic conditions such as y... Read More »

Torn ligament in thumb, dislocated, surgery, please help /: Pics Inlcuded ...?

Torn ligaments are repaired surgically, using grafts - both natural (allografts) and artificial. Protheses may also be used in the process. Stem cell technology is also being utilised these days to... Read More »