Is super 8 film also 35mm?

Answer No. The "8" in "super 8" actually refers to the width of the film stock, which is 8mm. The original 8mm film format was, in fact, 16mm wide and would run through a camera twice, capturing frames on... Read More »

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Which part of 35mm film measures 35mm?

With respect to "still" photography (i.e. not movies) the answer is no part.I derives the moniker from the fact that roll film first used in what we know of as the 35mm format was intended for movi... Read More »

How to Convert a DVD to a 35mm Film?

With the proliferation of cheap digital film-making methods, many production companies are choosing to go direct to DVD. But if the option to distribute to theaters arises, not every venue has digi... Read More »

How to Use Almost Any 35mm Film Camera?

In the age of digital cameras, it may seem odd to instruct you how to use "obsolete" 35mm cameras. Still, there are many people out there who choose to shoot film for artistic (and other) reasons. ... Read More »

How long does a 35mm film last?

35mm film will last until its expiration date in ideal conditions. However, Polaroid once performed a study showing that if the film is frozen a year before the expiration, it will be preserved unt... Read More »