Is sunbathing harmful?

Answer On One Hand: Sun Exposure Increases Cancer RiskExposure to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight increases your risk of developing skin cancer, eye damage, immune system suppression, skin spots and prem... Read More »

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Is nude sunbathing allowed at Iberostar Dominicana?

The Iberostar Hotels in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, are family hotels and do not allow nude or topless sunbathing or swimming. However, anything goes outside the resorts--nude bathing is steps ... Read More »

How Does Sunbathing in a Solarium Affect Health?

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If i am sunbathing with a straw hat on and keep rocking my head back and forth..?

My sister used to have a striped bathing suit when we were kids, and I guess it was really thin, because she would always get a stripey tan where the suit covered.Srsly! It was very odd.

Why are silverfish harmful?

Silverfish are small silver or grey colored insects that are up to an inch in length. They have two antennae, six legs, and and three long feelers towards the end of the body.LocationSilverfish typ... Read More »