Vegetarians/vegans: are you also against abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and capital punishment?

Answer The question is only really valid if you feel it would be appropriate to pose it in reverse; ie are all meat eaters pro-abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia and assisted suicide? Of course not ... Read More »

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Why are the Republicans against general Health Care What do they have against people who want to be healthy?

Because most of them get paid by their friends who work for the drug companies and others know the sooner we die the sooner we forget their lies and greed I bet they get free health care and then... Read More »

Can an HOA president file a lien against your condo for items he forced you to replace and the new items are against the bylaws and defective?

Your question contains data/ allegations that require evidence. Your first task is to document how the by-laws are being violated, and your second task is to document the defective nature of the 'n... Read More »

Committing Suicide?

Im commiting suicide?

You're not going to be born again, trust me. I've done two suicide attempts in the same year, its not like i don't know where your coming from. Seek help first, there has to be a reason why you fee... Read More »