How to suicide without pain!?

Answer You're just like me by the way. English is my 2nd language, have abusive parents(constant beating & mental & sexual) and what you're doing right there...what I have been doing all my life and I jus... Read More »

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What are the causes of depression and/or suicide?

Depressive disorders affect approximately 23 million American adults. In the United States there are 32,000 suicides a year. The causes of these conditions are complex, interrelated and merit furth... Read More »

Is it suicide to use Steroids :)?

Honest opinion:Don't do them. It's like cheating on a test or stealing money; you get rewards, but its not honorable. You know that you didn't get your results with your best, hard work. Don't get ... Read More »

Have you ever tried suicide before What got you through it safely?

I also have had problems like that. The way I get through it is by using my intellect and faith. My intellect tells me that it is temporary and will soon pass. I always ask God to help me get thr... Read More »

Committing Suicide?