Is sugar free chewing gum bad for teeth?

Answer Sugar free gums are fine for your teeth. In fact they can be very good.Get a gum that contains the ingredient 'xylitol,' (fruit breezers, orbitz, etc) . In studies, xylitol has been known to stop d... Read More »

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Is it ok to chew sugar free chewing gum with braces?

I have 2 children in braces and their orthodontist told them to use sugar free chewing gum after meals if they couldn't brush. So yes, sugar free gum is all right.

Do sugar-free or diet sodas have the same effect on teeth that regular sodas do?

The lack of sugar means they will not cause decay, but they tend to be more acidic. The acid can cause erosion if consumed too frequently. Basically, they are both as bad, and should be consumed in... Read More »

What can chewing sugar-filled gum do to you?

There's nothing verifiably "bad" about the artificial sugar found in sugar-free gum, unless you're eating the fake sugar by the pound every day. It's a lot healthier than chewing sugar-filled gum,... Read More »

How much sugar is added to smokeless chewing tobacco?

There is as much sugar in one pinch of chew as there is in two cans of soda