Is sugar cane a C4 plant?

Answer Yes, Sugarcane is a C4 plant and the largest harvester of solar energy on Earth. C4 plants have the ability to overcome severe drought, high temperature and floods too. It is advantage for commerci... Read More »

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How to Plant Sugar Cane?

Sugar cane grows from a stem, into a tall upright plant that looks similar to reeds that grow on the banks of a river. Unlike most stems that are planted upright, a sugar cane stem has to be furrow... Read More »

What plant is cane sugar made from?

As the name implies, cane sugar is made from sugarcane, a genus describing several dozen plant species and numerous hybrids. Cane sugar makes up about 70 percent of the world's sugar production, wh... Read More »

Parts of a Sugar Cane Plant?

Sugarcane is a tropical grass and one of our main sources of sugar. It actually produces a higher yield of sucrose, plant sugar, than beets, but because it is a tropical plant, it has a limited gro... Read More »

Where are the sugar cane fields in Houston Tx and how do I contact the sugar cane sellers?

Don't think there's a sugar cane market here in the Houston area anymore. It used to be in the Sugar Land area years ago.