Is sugar bad for blood pressure?

Answer On One Hand: Sugar as the Causative AgentResearchers Harry Preuss and Joseph Knapka reported that in a rat model, consumption of sugar led to increased sodium retention and elevated blood pressure.... Read More »

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Normal blood pressure and blood sugar but diabetes symptoms?

sometimes diabetes has no any symptoms and it is also a hereditary disease.....not only over weighted person affects diabetes there is also chance for thin person...some diabetes related symptoms a... Read More »

I have high blood pressure 193/110 plus I have diabetes with blood sugar around 325 which is more is serious?

Your heath care team needs to treat both conditions aggressively.No waiting for things to get better.You need serious medication.. now !Good luck.

Low blood sugar or low blood pressure?

Check your blood pressure. If you have got BP less than 90/60 mmHg, hypotension (low blood pressure) is suspected.Check your blood sugar. If the blood sugar level is less than 72 mg/dL (4 mmol/L), ... Read More »

Will refined sugar cause high blood pressure?

On One Hand: Sugar Contributes to High Blood PressureWhen you eat foods loaded with refined sugar, it increases the level of glucose or blood sugar in your body. When glucose increases, it forces t... Read More »