Is sugar a solute?

Answer A solute is defined as a dissolved substance. In an experiment involving a sugar cube and water, the sugar is the solute and water is the solvent, because when the sugar is dropped into the water i... Read More »

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How to Determine Moles of Solute?

In a solution, solute is the portion that is mixed in smaller quantity, usually with a solvent to yield that solution. Determining the moles of solute requires an understanding of the concept of w... Read More »

How to Separate a Solution Into Solute and Solvent?

Did you know you can separate sugar water(solution)into solute(sugar) solvent(water)

How does the surface area of solute particles affect solubility?

As the surface area of the solute increases, the rate at which the solute dissolves into the solvent also increases. More surface area of solute particles enables the solvent to react quickly with ... Read More »

Does adding a solute to a solvent raise the freezing point of the solvent?

Adding a solute to a solvent usually lowers the freezing point of the resulting solution. This is done when adding salt to the ice surrounding homemade ice cream makers. The salt lowers the freezin... Read More »