Is styrofoam safe to warm food on?

Answer Styrofoam, which is a brand name that can be used to describe certain types of polystyrene materials, is not safe to warm food on. In a microwave, Styrofoam does not hold up well to heat and normal... Read More »

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Is it safe to defrost Styrofoam?

According to Clemson University Cooperative Extension, defrosting foods in Styrofoam containers is not safe and can be hazardous to health. They state that Styrofoam is not stable at high temperatu... Read More »

Is Styrofoam safe to microwave?

On One Hand: Read the LabelThe drinking cups and take-out containers commonly called "Styrofoam" aren't really Styrofoam at all, since Dow Chemical Co. doesn't make such products with its Styrofoam... Read More »

Are Styrofoam cups microwave safe?

On One Hand: Chemicals Can Leach Into FoodMany consumer websites warn that microwaving Styrofoam food containers is dangerous to your health and can cause medical illnesses as varied as depression,... Read More »

Can styrofoam food containers be recycled?

Styrofoam is the brand name of a type of plastic known as polystyrene. Polystyrene gives off toxic fumes when it burns and most recycling programs refuse to accept it. You can, however, attempt to ... Read More »