Is styrofoam a good insulator?

Answer Berry Shell at states that Styrofoam is a good insulator because it does not conduct heat very well (a low coefficient of heat transfer) and has numerous air bubbles trapped in minuscule... Read More »

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Is styrofoam a good sound insulator?

The Dow Chemical Co. invented Styrofoam for use as insulation in buildings and as material for crafts. It is not a good sound insulator, and is thus only good as a thermal insulator.Source:Noise-Bu... Read More »

Which is a better insulator: wood or styrofoam?

On One Hand: Wood's LooksWood is a beautiful building material, and when properly used, it can be a very long-lasting home building product. It gives a home a custom look and can add a great deal o... Read More »

Is cardboard a good insulator?

On One Hand: Carboard Can Shield From Most ElementsCardboard is well known to posses insulating qualities. It is a cost-effective way of insulating heat and protecting against wind. Multiple layers... Read More »

Is stone a good or bad thermal insulator?

stone is usually cold so i wouldn't say it was very good!