Is a strawberry a fruit or a vegetable?

Answer It's classified as a fruit or berry......Billy Ray

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How long do strawberry plants bear fruit?

Strawberry plants bear fruit in their second season. Strawberries are classified as either June-bearing or day-neutral plants. June-bearers produce a single crop from early June through mid-July. D... Read More »

I don't really like fruit. Are there any vegetables I can eat to replace the nutrients in fruit?

Well a tomatoe is a fruit but it tastes like a vegetable. How about cucomber,potatoe,peppers,etc. Hope this helped. ;-)

Will sugar around my fruit trees make the fruit sweeter?

Putting sugar around the base of growing fruit trees will not result in sweeter tasting fruit. The only way to increase the sugar production in fruit trees is to ensure that the trees get plenty of... Read More »

Is there a fruit tree that bears more than one fruit?

There are no known natural fruit trees that produce more than one fruit on the same tree. There are horticulturalists who have grafted various types of fruits onto the same tree, which are known as... Read More »