Is stealing wireless Internet service wrong?

Answer Stealing wireless Internet service is generally viewed as unethical. However, some people dispute this view and see nothing wrong with the practice. Laws on the subject vary by location, but there ... Read More »

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How to stop my neighbors from stealing my wireless internet service?

Easy use the wifi security feature on it. Set up a pass code.

Is stealing wireless wrong?

Well, yes it is wrong because the company providing the service is not getting paid for his usage. But the person that does not secure his signal is not very bright.

How can I tell if someone in stealing my wireless internet?

To tell if anyone is using your wirless from DSL: ( DSL Only) Your router's IP address is (Only works with IE) then you should see the name of your router and how fast it is connecting.... Read More »

How do I prevent someone from stealing my wireless internet?

I suggest you read through my response (and others) to this similar question:;… If you have the manual, it should tell you what the default password is and... Read More »