Is stain removal with bleach an oxidation reduction reaction?

Answer Oxidation reduction occurs when the oxidation number of an atom changes. Original bleach did not cause an oxidation reduction reaction. However, newer color safe bleaches do cause an oxidation re... Read More »

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Chlorine & Potassium Bromide Oxidation Reaction?

Chlorine is the 17th element of the periodic table. In its pure state it's a gas at room temperature and highly reactive--hence very toxic at high concentrations. When combined with potassium bromi... Read More »

Hair Reaction to Clorox Bleach?

Bleaching your hair using Clorox or any other brand of bleach can have long lasting and adverse effects on its strength, softness and fullness. Repeated bleaching can permanently damage the base s... Read More »

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Deep wrinkles around the eyes are a sign of aging. They can be removed completely with surgery, or you can diminish their appearance with less drastic measures. Taking care of your skin as you age ... Read More »

Is There Any Way to Dye or Bleach a Stain on a Rug?

Carpet stains can be caused by many different substances, including spilled food, drinks, cleaning products, chemicals, pet accidents and even just dirt and mud that you track into the house on the... Read More »